About our program

Genius Junior is a course during which we introduce children to the world of digits and numbers, as well as to an abacus and Rubik’s Cube.
The course lasts 1 year and it is divided into 2 modules, the classes are held once a week and last 2x30 minutes with a break.

Learning math is usually difficult for children because of the abstract nature of the concept of digit. At Genius, we get to know digits, among others on a specific material (an abacus), we can see with our own eyes what does it mean to add and subtract. Apart from learning about an abacus, we also teach about Rubik’s Cube, writing digits, writing from hearing. Our course, in addition to supporting learning the primary, basic mathematic, is also helpful in, among others practicing small motor skills, eye-hand coordination, developing imagination, teaching concentration and attention
We also practice spatial imagination and cause-effect thinking. It is good preparation for school activities and new challenges.

The cost of classes is PLN 289/monthly, we require to purchase one-time starting kit for PLN 99.00 (an abacus, Rubik’s Cube, exercise book)

We ask to choose a facility to sign up for the first, free Demo class CLICK

“Investing in knowledge,
always brings the largest profits.”

Benjamin Franklin